About Haven BJJ Rotterdam

Our goal at Haven BJJ Rotterdam is to bring the benefits of BJJ and Grappling (confidence, control, community and conditioning) to as many people as we can.  From kids to adults, from complete beginners to seasoned black belts and from recreational practitioners to pro athletes. Whatever your starting point is, we want to help you become the best you can be. 

We do that by providing the best BJJ and Grappling classes in a safe, friendly and clean environment. 

We’re located in the very center of Rotterdam, a 5 minute walk from station Rotterdam Centraal.

Why Haven?

Haven /ˈheɪv(ə)n/

1. a place of safety or refuge.
2. an inlet providing shelter for ships or boats; a harbour or small port.

There are two main reasons behind the name. 

Firstly, haven refers to the harbor. The roots of our team are in Santos, Brazil. Both Santos and Rotterdam are large port cities. Both cities put a lot of value on hard work. With Haven BJJ we want to give a homage to the roots of the team and stress the importance of hard work.

Secondly, a haven refers to a place of safety. We want to provide a place where everyone can learn jiu jitsu in a safe environment, no matter your current level of fitness or experience.

We believe that training Brazilian jiu jitsu can help solve many big problems: feelings of insecurity, a lack of self-confidence, too little exercise and loneliness. Unfortunately, many gyms don’t treat BJJ as serious a we would like to see. As a participant you are thrown into the deep end, coaches do not prepare their lessons and there is a high risk of injuries. As a result, many people drop out, or worse, they don’t even start.

At Haven BJJ we offer the best BJJ classes in a safe, friendly and clean environment. Training at Haven BJJ makes you more confident, fitter, gives you more control and makes you part of a great community.


To ensure a safe, friendly and clean environment, we follow ten house rules. 
Everyone training at Haven BJJ Rotterdam is expected to follow these.

1. Respect each other 
2. No footwear on the mats
3. Always wear footwear off the mats
4. No jewelry during training
5. Be on time
6. Ask the instructor for permission before leaving the mat
7. Keep your nails clean and short
8. Maintain personal hygiene
9. Wear clean training gear every training
10. Do your best.
That way you and your training partners can make the most out of every training


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