Kids Classes

Haven BJJ Kids helps your child become more confident, disciplined and fit.
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Bully Proof

Kids who train BJJ learn how to defend themselves. More importantly, they learn how to avoid fights off the mat. With the added confidence jiu jitsu gives them, it turns them into very hard targets for bullying.

Motor skills

Next to the jiu jitsu techniques, our kids’ classes are full of fun games and drills that help the kids develop their fitness and motor skills.

Social skills

During the classes, kids learn how to work together and help each other in a fun and safe environment. They learn how to work in teams and develop social skills


Next to everything your kids will gain from training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it's also just a lot of fun. A great way to blow off some steam and relax without looking at a screen.

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Meet the coaches


Sarah not only teaches the kids classes, she’s also in charge of the ladies’ program. She’s an avid competitor and instructor and combines her passion for jiu jitsu with a career as a dietician helping several high-level competitors with their diet.


Daniel is the head coach at CheckMat BJJ Rotterdam. After obtaining his masters degree, Daniel turned full-time jiu jitsu athlete and instructor. He has developed his skills as a BJJ coach all over the World, but mainly in Santos, Brazil, where he helped the instructors with their successful kids’ program.