BJJ Rotterdam

BJJ Rotterdam

Training BJJ in Rotterdam?

Haven BJJ, the place for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Rotterdam, is located right in the city center, just a five-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station. If you’re looking for a place to train BJJ in Rotterdam, Haven BJJ is the right choice.

But what makes Haven BJJ so special? Besides its convenient location, this gym offers an excellent environment to develop and improve your BJJ skills. With experienced and passionate trainers ready to share their knowledge and expertise, Haven BJJ is the ideal place for both beginners and advanced practitioners of BJJ.

Another advantage of Haven BJJ is its excellent accessibility. Whether you prefer public transportation, such as trains, metro, or buses, or you choose to travel by bike or car, the gym is easily accessible. For those coming by car, there is even a parking garage beneath the gym where you can park for only 2 euros per hour.

Would you like to take a sneak peek inside the gym before signing up? In the video below, you’ll get a tour of Haven BJJ. Discover what makes Haven BJJ so unique.

If you’re interested in training BJJ in Rotterdam, you don’t need to search any further. Join Haven BJJ today and start your BJJ journey under the guidance of experienced professionals. Improve your techniques, boost your confidence, and experience the many benefits of practicing this amazing martial art.

Don’t wait any longer, sign up for a free trial class at Haven BJJ Rotterdam and discover what BJJ can do for you!
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