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Gabriel Rollo Leo Vieira and Thiago Abreu

As a proud affiliate of CheckMat BJJ, we’re excited to introduce you to the incredible legacy and achievements of this world-renowned BJJ team. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes CheckMat BJJ so special, as well as the connection of our team at Haven BJJ to this legacy.



Founded in 2008, CheckMat BJJ has established itself as one of the most respected and successful BJJ teams in the world. Known for their dedication to family values, positivity, and excellence, CheckMat BJJ has been a driving force behind the global growth of BJJ. Their commitment has led to the establishment of over 200 schools worldwide, creating a powerful network of BJJ practitioners.



Rico and Leo Vieira: At the core of CheckMat BJJ’s success are the legendary founders, Rico Vieira and Leo Vieira. These iconic figures in the BJJ world have not only built CheckMat into a top team but have also inspired a whole generation of BJJ practitioners. Their knowledge, expertise, and winning mentality have laid the foundation for CheckMat’s unparalleled success. I (Daniel) have trained with both founders and learned a lot from them.



Since 2015, I have had the incredible opportunity to travel to Santos, Brazil, where I immersed myself in training at The House FC under the guidance of renowned coaches Thiago Abreu and Gabriel Rollo. This experience helped me further develop my skills, gain invaluable insights, and deepen my understanding of the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Both Thiago and Gabriel have been with CheckMat from the beginning. They still visit regularly to conduct seminars and training camps.

Coach Bart Dubbeldam also has a strong connection to CheckMat. He has trained for months at the Polish CheckMat school in Poznan under Adam Wardzinski.



Our partnership with CheckMat BJJ means that Haven BJJ Rotterdam is deeply rooted in a culture of excellence and a winning mentality. We believe in creating a training environment where students are encouraged to set ambitious goals, push their limits, and cultivate a winning mindset. At Haven BJJ Rotterdam, you will find the support and resources you need to take your BJJ skills to new heights.



Haven BJJ Rotterdam proudly aligns itself with the remarkable legacy of CheckMat BJJ. We invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey where greatness is nurtured, and champions are born. Experience the dynamic world of CheckMat BJJ at Haven BJJ Rotterdam, where you will find a community of dedicated practitioners determined to unlock your BJJ potential. Join us as we embrace the values established by CheckMat’s visionary founders, Rico and Leo Vieira. Get ready for an exciting BJJ adventure and write your own success story with Haven BJJ Rotterdam!

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