E-book: How to win in jiu jitsu

You’ve been training for a while and maybe you’ve even tried out a few competitions. Now a new competition is coming up. You’ve trained hard the whole month, skipped your friends birthday party and watched all of John Danaher’s videos on Youtube. But when you get to the competition, some random person with a beer belly beats you in the first round.


Sounds familiar? Then this book is for you. In this book we’ll share with you the secrets to win BJJ and grappling competitions. Because just training hard and watching technique videos is just not enough these days. This book will teach you the 5 pillars of competitive success.

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What you will learn


We’ll teach you the secrets of making most out your training. Because if you want to win, just showing up to training is not enough!


Finding the right environment for you. Because your environment decides your future.


The 4 aspects you need, to master strategy. If you apply the lessons of this chapter, you will get the ability to even beat people that are better than you.


The mindset you need to win competitions. This mindset will help you all the way to the world champion level. It’s important you start your journey towards mastering your mindset as soon as possible, as this will be a huge factor in your competitive success (or failure)


The fifth pillar of success is nutrition. We’ve got one of the leading nutritionists in martial arts, sports dietitian Sarah Tuohy, to write this chapter for you. She teaches you how to make weight in a safe and effective way, and will give you a bulletproof plan for competition day nutrition.

about Daniel de Groot

My name is Daniel de Groot. I’m the headcoach at Haven BJJ and a long time BJJ and Grappling competitor. I was never the most athletic specimen. However, by dialling in all the other aspects needed to be a good competitor, I did manage to make a name for myself in the sport. 

I was the first Dutchman ever to win the Brazilian championships. I’m also a European champion and an ADCC trials medalist. The methods I developed don’t just work for me though.

 My students have used the information we’re sharing with you in this book to become European champions, win medals at the World championship and fight on the maincard of shows like Polaris and Grapplefest. This book will teach you the methods they used to reach that level of success in the sport in a very short period of time.

Daniel de Groot

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