5 Tips for your first BJJ lesson

Eerste les bjj

Do you want to start with BJJ and do you want to be well prepared for the first lesson?

Then you can use these 5 tips!

  1. Book your lesson
    At Haven BJJ you can book a free trial lesson via our app. This way the teacher knows that someone is coming for the first time and the lesson can be adjusted accordingly. Book your trial lesson here at Haven BJJ Rotterdam
  2. Do some homework beforehand
    On our Youtube channel you can find a lot of information that will prepare you for your first BJJ lesson. Learn in this video for example, we show you how to do some important movements from the warm-up. And in this video we answer the question: What is BJJ?
  3. Wear the right outfit
    Is it a BJJ Class? Make sure you put on a gi or judo suit. Just wear a white belt!
    Don't have a suit? Then it is more convenient to go to a no-gi class. Short pants without pockets and zippers and tight-fitting t-shirts are then sufficient.
  4. Let the coach know it's your first class
    Make it clear upon arrival that you are coming for a trial lesson. At most schools, the coaches are aware of this, but be on the safe side. This way you can be sure that your lack of experience will be taken into account.
  5. Take the intro course!
    Be really well prepared to start BJJ? Then follow our intro course. You will learn the basics of BJJ in 4 lessons. Click here for more information

Not too bad right? Do you want to put the tips into practice right away? Register now for a free trial lesson at Haven BJJ https://havenbjj.trainin.app/shop/P682RO/free-trial


View the information in video form here:

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