Our house rules ensure the safe, friendly, and clean environment that we aim to provide for jiu-jitsu practitioners. It is of great importance that you follow these, for both your own safety and that of your teammates.

In addition to the house rules, there are also training etiquettes. These also help create a safe and clean environment.

House Rules

  1. Respect each other.
  2. No footwear on the mats, always off the mats
  3. No jewelry during
  4. Be on time
  5. Ask the instructor for permission before leaving the mat
  6. Keep your nails clean and short
  7. Maintain good personal hygiene.
  8. Wear clean training gear every training
  9. No coaching from the side
  10. Do your best
    That way you and your training partners can get the most out of each session.

Training etiquette

1. Always respect the tap
2. Nogi class: IBJJF rules apply. All leg locks allowed from blue belt and up.
3. Gi class: IBJJF rules apply. Rules of the lowest belt count.
 4. No jumping attacks, including: jumping closed guard, jumping submissions and jumping takedowns.
 5. No slams
 6. Adjust your intensity to the level and size of your partner
 7. Two beginners together? Start on the ground!
 8. Be aware of your surroundings and make way for the higher belts
 9. Don’t pull your partner back over their heels
 10. Wear a rashguard for hygiene purposes. Also under your gi!


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