Private Class BJJ

The fastest way to improve your BJJ. During a private lesson, one of our coaches will help you one-on-one to improve.
Personal attention, lessons tailored exactly to your level. Solutions for the problems you are facing.

Why private classes?

    The lessons are precisely tailored to your level. This means the lesson will be challenging but not overwhelming. This ensures the fastest improvement.

    Unlike many group classes, you won’t be thrown in at the deep end. You will develop a solid understanding of jiu-jitsu, starting from the basics. Your training partner is there to help you, not to show they can defeat you.

    The goal is to teach you techniques that work. Our students, from lightweight to heavyweight, have successfully used the techniques they learned during our private lessons, both in training and to win competitions.

  • FUN
    Work on the techniques you want to learn. This could be a complicated back take or finally finding a defense against that annoying submission your teammates keep catching you in.

The 3 steps to fast improvement


Fill in this form to share you experience, goals and preferred coach. If you don't know which coach is best for you, leave this blank and our team will couple you with someone that is best suited for your goals and schedule.


Our costumer service team will put you in contact with a coach. The coach will plan your first session, share the training plan for the upcoming session(s) and sends you the payment link for your class(es).


Your coach will be waiting for you in the gym. During your training session you'll work on the things you want to work on and you have all the time and space to ask questions.

our coaches

All our coaches have their own specialties and expertise.
Rates vary depending on the coach’s experience.
Choose a coach that best fits your goals.
Unsure which coach to pick? We’re happy to help you find the right coach for your goals.

Brown & Black belt coaches

Daniel de Groot

Not only an experienced competitor, but also one of the most succesful coaches in Dutch history. Hundreds of beginners have started their jiu jitsu journey with Daniel and more than a few have risen to world class level . Find a game that works for you, learn game changing details and discover the tactics you need to win.

Denis Savage

Coach Savage is one of the driving forces of Haven BJJ. He has built our fundamentals program to be the great success it currently is and has a big role in the competitive success of our elite athletes. A master of defense, mindset and unorthodox attacks.

Luuk Aaron van Nieuwamerongen

Luuk Aaron

One of the top heavyweights in Europe. European champion, Worlds medallist, Grapplefest veteran. Not only is Luuk a great competitor, he's also a great teacher. His game is submission oriented and dangerous from everywhere. Guard, passing and standing.

purple & Blue belt coaches

Alex Schors

Alex Schors

Alex is a very gifted coach, at the helm of our 7:00 classes and kids classes. He is great at finding a game that works for you and teaching it with great details. He is a private class specialist and loves to see his students improve.

Juggy van Beek

Juggy is a big name in the Dutch jiu jitsu scene, and one of our most committed coaches and athletes. He teaches the Monday night classes and competes at a high level. His game is dangerous from top and bottom, and he's an expert at escaping bad positions.

Hassan Hamsh

Hassan is Belgium's top nogi athlete and is extremely dedicated to his sport. Hassan is an expert in takedowns and guardpassing, so if you're looking to improve those aspects of your game, look no further.

Sarah Tuohy

Sarah is in charge of our Women's program and is both an experienced teacher and competitor. If you want to start with jiu jitsu and learn from one of the best female coaches in the Netherlands, get a private class with Sarah.

More information

Our general terms and conditions apply to private lessons. You can find them  by clicking here
There are also some additional things to consider with private lessons:

A lesson lasts 1 hour from the agreed-upon time. For example: The lesson is scheduled to start at 9:00 am and lasts until 10:00 am. Even if you arrive at 9:15 am, the lesson ends at 10:00 am. So, please make sure you are on time!

You can bring a training buddy to the class at no extra cost. You can optionally share the costs between the two of you.

Your chosen coach will contact you to schedule the lessons. We always recommend contacting Haven BJJ before purchasing lesson credits. This way, you can arrange a time and date with the coach that works for both of you. If you can’t find a suitable date and time for both of you, we’ll assist you in finding a coach who can accommodate your preferred times.

If you want to reschedule a lesson: Communicate at least 24 hours before the originally scheduled lesson if you want to reschedule it. If you fail to do so, the canceled lesson will be considered as a regular lesson and will not be refunded. If you choose a package with one lesson per week, you will receive your credits every four weeks. These credits can be freely used within that four-week period.

For example:
You can schedule four lessons in one week, no lessons in the following weeks. However, your credits must be used within those 4 weeks, or they will expire.



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