Free trial class

Everyone is welcome to join a free trial class.
Book one of our classes and use ‘Free Trial’ as the payment method. 

Is it your first experience with BJJ/Grappling?
Pick a Fundamentals class, these are Monday through Friday from 17:00 to 18:00.

what to expect?

Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class.

This will give you time to change clothes, familiarize yourself with the gym, and ask any questions you may have to our team members.

class structure

We believe that jiu jitsu is best learned through doing it.
After an explanation by our coaches you will be put to work right away.
Make sure you spread your energy well, a class is one hour long.

what to bring?

What you bring depends on the class you will follow.
If you’ve never done BJJ before, we recommend a Grappling Fundamentals class. 
Already have a judo or BJJ gi? You’re welcome to join our BJJ Fundamentals classes!

Whatever class you go to, make sure to bring your flip flops/sliders.
Because BJJ is a sport with a lot of close contact, hygiene is very important.
That’s why you should always wear your flipflops when stepping off the mat, and always go onto the mat barefoot.


– Shorts (no zippers, no pockets)
– T-shirt (no zippers, no pockets)

– A BJJ or Judo gi.
– A white belt

– Clean, trimmed nails
– Sliders/flipflops (always wear these when stepping off the mat, never when on the mat)

– A bottle of water
– Towel and shower gel

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