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Our goal is to open in the first quarter of 2023. If you haven’t signed up to our newsletter, please do so on our home page 

There we will keep you posted on our exact opening date and a discounted price for our first members.

We recommend everyone to come by for a free trial lesson where you can get to know the gym.  Click here to schedule a free trial lesson.

In addition, we offer an introduction course where you learn the basics of jiu jitsu within 2 weeks. Click here to register for the introduction course.

Absolutely. Learning how to fall, solving problems under stress and the extra confidence you gain with jiu jitsu will help you in just about any other sport.

Our regular subscriptions start at 79 euros per month. If you’re a student or under 18 years old, we offer a discount of 10 euros per month. 

Yes that’s more expensive than your local fitness chain. If you’re looking to lose some weight or get bigger biceps, those are a great option. But if you want to work in a clean and friendly environment with likeminded people to improve yourself mentally and physically, boost your confidence and learn skills that could literally save your life and the lives of your loves ones, Haven BJJ might be the better choice

Click here for all the pricing information

No, we only offer an unlimited subscription. We have chosen to encourage our members to train as much as possible. Jiu jitsu is a complex sport where a lot of training is the only secret to getting better. If you can’t commit to that, there is the option to pay per class or get a 10-class credit.

You can easily cancel by sending us an e-mail. Our monthly subscriptions have a 1 month notice period and there are no extra costs involved. For yearly subscriptions, after the first year you can cancel every month.

When starting out there is no pressure on you to spar. We want you to understand the main concepts and positions of BJJ first before you apply them in practice. 

When you and the coaches feel that you are ready to spar, we gradually add sparring to your training sessions

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for everyone who wants to learn jiu jitsu. 
It doesn’t matter if you have any experience with martial arts, many of our members did not have martial arts experience when they started.

For people without any grappling experience, we have created our Introduction course. 
 You can learn more and register for the course here.

The best way to get fit for jiu jitsu is by training jiu jitsu. We scale our classes to your level of experience and your level of fitness. That way we build your fitness at the same time you’re learning Brazilian jiu jitsu.

No running or weightlifting can compete with that. Don’t worry about getting fit before you start. Starting will get you fit.

Yes, at Haven BJJ we have one of the strongest women’s teams in the Netherlands. Women can join any class, and twice a week we offer a special class that is only open to women. You can find our up to date timetable here.


Definitely. Our athletes are active at the highest level. Our competitors compete on the big international stages and have some big titles under their belt (among them European and Brazilian champions). As a team, we are regularly at the top of the SmoothComp rankings as the best team in the Netherlands.

We advise everyone to visit different schools to see where you feel most at home.  

What we offer is an environment where everyone is welcome, where people work hard not matter their current experience and fitness level, and where every training is aimed at getting better. If that doesn’t sound like it’s something for you, we’re probably not the right gym for you. If it does, we would love to have you.

Join us for a free trial class to see if Haven BJJ is for you.

No, we don’t have MMA classes on our time-table. We do provide world-class grappling classes, and we have a few pro-MMA athletes joining us there to sharpen to grappling skills. However, our focus is on grappling and BJJ. If you want to build a strong grappling base for MMA or supplement your MMA training with high level grappling, you are welcome to join us.

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