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Train BJJ In BRazil

Many jiu jitsu practitioners dream about it: train BJJ in Brazil
But planning that trip can be quite intimidating.
Outdated travel guides don’t provide you with the knowledge you need.

That’s where this guide comes in. In this guide I share all of my experiences, tips and tricks for having the perfect trip to Brazil and live the jiu jitsu lifestyle. From where to train to how to behave to become part of the team.


Train with the best in the world, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches. Cool down with some coconut water and a real bowl of Acai. Dive into Brazilian nightlife. This guide helps you live the jiu jitsu lifestyle you've dreamt of. Whether you want to train twice a day or just have fun


Investing in this guide will actually save you money. Even just getting from the airport to your accommodation can be up to 10 times as expensive when you don't use the methods in this guide. There's also an entire subchapter on training in Brazil on a budget.


Not only will this guide make your trip more enjoyable, it will save you a lot of time. You won't spent weeks or even months on figuring out the basics. I already did that for you. How to behave on and off the mats, what clothes to wear to not get made fun off, how to get from A to B. All that stuff took me months to learn, so you guys won't have to waste any time and just get to enjoy the experience


Brazil has some unwritten rules that might seem weird to you at first. Like the underwear rule, or the pay-10 rule. You might be breaking some of them without having the slightest clue. Learn the things to avoid and the things you should do, so you won't be that weird gringo. Instead, you'll be the cool gringo everybody wants to be friends with.


My name is Daniel de Groot. I’m a jiu jitsu instructor and competitor. I spend my time between Brazil and The Netherlands. Half of the year I train BJJ in Brazil, where I also compete and teach classes. The other half I spent in Rotterdam where I train and teach my own students.

I’ve been going to Brazil since 2015. During my first trip to Brazil I didn’t speak any Portuguese (other than the “I eat an apple” that Duolingo taught me), my jiu jitsu sucked and I had trouble making friends.


But I kept coming back. My jiu jitsu made enormous improvements. Step by step I learned to speak the language, how to follow the unwritten rules and I started to fit in with the Brazilians.

Now, a few years later, I’m fluent in Portuguese, I have formed intimate friendships with my Brazilian teammates and coaches, I teach seminars in Brazil, I was one of the coaches of Polaris’ team Brazil and I even won the Brazilian championships.

In this guide I want to teach you everything I learned during that slow and painful progress where I went from being that weird gringo outsider to becoming “the most Brazilian Dutch guy” (according to my coaches that is).

My goal with this guide is to help you plan your training trip to Brazil, and make sure you will get the most out of it. 



Either trains fulltime or works purely to pay for his jiu jitsu lifestyle. He will train and compete as much as he can and look for the toughest training he can find.


Has a solid jiu jitsu base, but usually also a fulltime job and/or family he has to take care of. He will want to make most out of the few weeks he can get away from home by training plenty, and seeing some of the highlights


Will go to Brazil with the goal to get to know the country, have fun and train a bit while he is at it. The main goal is having a great time, jiu jitsu is just a bonus. As the middleman between the Brazilians and the visiting gringos I have plenty of experience with all three of these groups. Train BJJ in Brazil will help you, no matter which of these three describes you and your goals best.

As the middleman between the Brazilians and the visiting gringos 
I have plenty of experience with all three of these groups.
Train BJJ in Brazil will help you, no matter which of these three describes you and your goals best.


“I really appreciate Daniel for helping me during my time in Santos. He helped me a lot with both the Portuguese language and making friends”

Purple belt, Israel

“Daniel knows about the history of the city, the country, typical foods, fruits that we like best, and places with good food, good people, those kind of things.
He has a lot of knowledge to share.”

Black belt, Brazil

“Thanks for all the info man! It’s awesome. Very useful. I had an amazing time”

Black belt, Netherlands 

Train BJJ in Brazil

When you buy the guide you will be sent to a download page immediately where you can get the complete guide in e-book format. I’ve thought about releasing a hard copy version, but since weight and space in your suitcase will be occupied by jiu jitsu gi’s, I decided to focus on an e-book you can bring with you everywhere on your phone.

The following topics are addressed in Train BJJ in Brazil:

1. Why train BJJ in Brazil

Both the country and the jiu jitsu are worth the trip. This chapter will show you why.

2. Where in Brazil should I go?

Eight of Brazil’s coolest cities are discussed. Not only the best gyms to train at, but also the places and restaurants you should visit. Also quite important: the places you should avoid.

3. Transport and safety

Learn how to get into the country, how to get from A to B and also how to stay safe whilst you’re in Brazil. These tips work even if you’re as blond as I am!

4. Accomodation and costs

We’ll discuss the best options for spending your nights. There’s great alternatives for every budget. This chapter also helps you calculate the costs and goes into travelling on a budget. That way everyone, even full-time athletes and students, can make this training trip happen.

5. Culture, rules & etiquette

Learn the ins and outs of Brazilian culture so you can avoid breaking unwritten rules and become that weird gringo nobody wants to hang out with. This chapter also teaches you how to behave on the mats so you won’t unknowingly disrespect any grumpy black belts.

6. Training

Most of you will go to Brazil to train jiu jitsu, this chapter gives you the tools you need to survive all that tough training. From creating your perfect training schedule to optimizing recovery and dealing with injuries. It will also explain the differences between training in Brazil and in other countries

7. Competitions

How to register for one of Brazil’s many jiu jitsu competitions. This should be on the bucket list of every BJJ practitioner!

8. Food & Drinks

Learn about the many delicious foods and drinks Brazil has to offer

9. Life away from the mats

Training will take up, at most, 5 hours of your day. This chapter gives you some tips on what to do with the remaining 19 hours. The coolest sights, going to the beach, going out at night and even dating Brazilian women are discussed at length.

10. Going back

All good things have to come to an end. Learn how to properly say goodbye, what souvenirs to bring home to your friends and family and how you should go about planning a second trip.


That should get you perfectly ready for a training trip to Brazil. However, for the first 100 people that buy Train BJJ in Brazil, I’m adding two very useful bonusses:

BONUS 1. Basic Portuguese for jiu jitsu.
Duolingo is all fun and games, but the Portuguese they speak on the jiu jitsu mats is very different from the stuff you learn in an app. This handy list should help you follow the instructions of your coaches and make basic conversation with your teammates.

BONUS 2. Travel essentials.
I’ve been packing my suitcase for Brazil trips many times, and after a lot of trial and error, this is the ultimate checklist I use when packing my stuff.

So make sure you get the guide fast before the first 100 have been sold!


Most travel guides will cost you between 35 and 40 euros. They are often outdated and you’ll end up with a bunch of other tourists in the same bars doing the same thing. Even worse, you won’t learn anything about living the jiu jitsu lifestyle.

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